Template letter to spread the word about the campaign

One of the most effective ways to spread the word about the Give It Back, George campaign is to send an email to people who you think might want to support it and encourage them to sign up. Below is a template text you can edit for your newsletter or email. You can also put the text on your website or blog. If you want your message to stand out visually you can download the campaign logo here.

We’re supporting the Give it Back, George campaign, which is calling on the Government to reverse the decision to cap tax relief on charitable donations.  Over 1,000 organisations have signed up to the campaign, which is led by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and the Philanthropy Review.  Supporters cover a diverse range of causes – from cats to cathedrals! – and include a broad spectrum of ‘household names’ together with local charities, faith groups, educational institutions and organisations from the arts and heritage world.

In March’s Budget, the Chancellor announced a cap of £50,000, or 25 per cent, of annual income on the tax relief donors can claim on their gifts. This means any donation of over £200,000 made through Gift Aid could be affected.  Smaller yet significant donations are likely to be affected as well, as many of these gifts are used to set up grant-making trusts and foundations that support small charities.

Major donations are vital for charities. £11bn was given to charity last year, with almost half of this coming from just 7 per cent of donors.  At a time when charities are being asked to do ever more with less, the government should be promoting philanthropy, not discouraging it.

Please join us and lend your support to Give it back, George – you can back the campaign and find out more at: http://giveitbackgeorge.org/back-the-campaign/

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