This campaign is led by National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and Philanthropy Review.

See the full supporter list here (updated once a day).

Contact details for press enquiries

Contact Mandy Murphy, NCVO’s Media Officer:
Email: mandy.murphy(at)
Telephone: 020 7520 2469
Mobile: 07714 243 942

Alternatively contact Ben Russell, CAF’s Head of Media Relations
Email: brussell(at)
Telephone: 03000 123 214
Mobile: 07979 592 036

Media coverage on the topic

Most Recent Coverage

Telegraph: After U-turns on pasty and caravan taxes, George Osborne urged to ‘listen to reason’ on charity tax
Charity Times: After U-turn on pasty and caravan tax, now for the same on charity tax, says NCVO
Independent: Osborne under fire as Tory MPs target charity tax U-turn
Daily Mail: Another day, yet another U-turn: Now Osborne plans climbdown on charity tax break
Guardian: Ministers ‘preparing for rethink on charity tax relief
Civil Society: Tax cap review ‘rethink’ is next, predicts Tory MP


Conservative Home: Jill Kirby – George Osborne’s crazy cap on big donors to charities must be reversed
BBC Radio 4: The World this Weekend (17 minutes in, available until 1 April 2012)
Financial Times: Charities warn on relief move (requires registration)
London Evening Standard: Charities will suffer from new curbs on donations
Civil Society: Tax relief could strangle major gifts, charities warn
Civil Society: Sector bodies demand meeting with Chancellor over tax relief cap
Third Sector: Sector fears Budget’s tax relief changes will make large donations less likely (requires registration)
BBC News: Budget 2012: Charities could lose big donors
The Telegraph: Budget 2012: charity donations ‘threatened’ by limits on tax relief
Third Sector: New legislation could discourage extremely large one-off gifts to charity
The Guardian: Voluntary sector reactions to the 2012 Budget
Independent: Attack on philanthropic donations has already cost charities £5m
Sunday Times: Charity gifts to be hit by tax squeeze (requires registration)
Daily Mail: Last minute cap on tax relief for rich ‘too hasty’
Guardian: How the chancellor’s tax relief cap will deter the big philanthropists
Civil Society: ‘Give it Back George’ gift aid campaign gains momentum
Third Sector: New website calls on Chancellor to scrap planned cap on tax reliefs for major donors
Independent: Philanthropists: Giving up giving?
Independent: Leading article: Don’t discourage the philanthropists
Philanthropy UK: Eight out of ten philanthropists surveyed say proposed tax relief cap will affect giving
Huffington Post: Why the rich are rushing to give their money away by Good Friday
Financial Times (requires registration): Budget threatens the gift of giving
Civil Society: Government to publish clarification note on tax relief cap
Third Sector: Charities urge Treasury to rethink tax relief cap on donations
Telegraph: Osborne really shouldn’t see charity as a big tax dodge
Channel 4 News: Big Society Bank launched (with comment from NCVO, CAF and Dogs Trust)
Channel 4 News: Interview with Sir Ronald Cohen
Channel 4 News blog: Is the tycoon tax threatening the Big Society?
Financial Times (requires registration): Charities worry as Treasury confirms tax cap
Civil Society: Tax relief clarification note clarifies little, say sector policy heads
Third Sector: Cameron repeats his backing for tax relief cap on charitable donations
Third Sector: Treasury and HMRC issue guidance on tax relief cap
Fundraising Detective: Why every fundraiser should support the Give it Back George campaign
Third Sector: Treasury urged to drop ‘half-baked’ proposal to cap tax relief
Civil Society: Revelations about tax relief cap ‘get worse and worse’
Observer: Osborne faces revolt over ‘tax on giving’ as charity donations dry up
Daily Mail: Great charity revolt
Independent: Who are you calling tax dodgers?
The Sun: Charity basher – PM faces growing backlash
Telegraph: Cameron must ‘retreat’ on charities
Telegraph: Charity tax relief proposals are ‘galling’
Guardian: Ministers look again at charity tax relief cap
Daily Mail: Cameron hints at rethink on tax threat to charities
Financial Times (requires registration): Osborne weighs deal on charity tax relief
Financial Times (requires registration): Kicking a gift horse in the teeth 
Huffington Post: Charities tax: nine out of ten worried about cap on relief for donation
Daily Mail: Cabinet in revolt over charity tax
Telegraph: Donors could desert universities, says Vince Cable
City am: Government wrong to demonise generous philanthropists
Civil Society: Donors or dodgers? The tax relief saga so far
Civil Society: Government ‘considers changes’ on tax relief cap
Conservative Home: Attacking charity donors will have unintended consequences
Civil Society: Treasury publishes figures on taxes paid by the rich
Mirror online: Charity tax u-turn hopes as Cameron bows to pressure and announces talks
Independent: PM back as charity tax row rumbles on
bdaily: Charity tax leaders want rethink on tax relief cap
FT online: Party off amid charities tax row
Third Sector online: social investment will be hit govt’s cap on tax reliefs
Civil Society: Giving summit reception cancelled as rebate row rages
Third Sector online: Sector criticizes scaling back of the giving summit
Civil Society: CITR  will be included in cap on tax relief, confirms treasury
Telegraph online: Is cracking down on charitable tax relief a good idea
Social Enterprise: treasury’s philanthropygate mess now hits social investment
FT online: expanding scope of tax relief cap fuels anger
Third Sector online: George Osborne promises that charities will be protected under tax relief cap proposal
Telegraph online: How the charity tax cap relief would affect donations
The Sun: Save The Children: Please give it back, George
Telegraph online: Two-thirds of coalition MPs would block George Osborne’s charity tax plans
Daily Mail: I am ashamed of my own Chancellor’s tax on giving: A devastating broadside from one of George Osborne’s star backbenchers
BBC News: How to donate to charity amid the tax relief furore
Civil Society: Donors or dodgers? The tax relief saga so far
Civil Society: Community Interest Tax Relief will be included in cap on tax relief
Telegraph: Is cracking down on charitable tax relief a good cause?
Art Newspaper: Tax-relief cap will curtail major gifts
Independent: Government’s charity tax cap will cost 10,700 jobs claims report
Independent: Coalition peers will block cap on charity donations, poll shows
Daily Mail: Peers to rebel on charity tax
Guardian: Most Tory and Lib Dem peers oppose charity tax relief cap, poll shows
Daily Mail: PM signals retreat on plans for charity tax
Civil Society: PM says tax relief cap ‘will be dealt with’
Huffington Post: ‘Give it Back’ campaign welcomes PM’s hint of a u-turn


Quotes from charity CEOs on the proposed cap on income tax reliefs

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