Quotes from politicians

See also: Quotes from leaders of charitable organisations and quotes from philanthropists.

David Cameron, PM
“I know there are some concerns that the budget signals a weakening of our commitment to philanthropy. Let me make it clear. I want to see more, not less, philanthropic giving. That is at the heart of my vision of a bigger society where we rely more on each other and less on the state.”
Read more on the Guardian website 

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP
“I am ashamed that a Conservative chancellor has not only announced measures that will undoubtedly depress giving in this country; he has spun a narrative in which philanthropists are now the enemy. His intention to cap tax relief on donations to charity could well prove to be this government’s single costliest mistake.”

David Davis, Conservative MP
“An assault on the ‘big society’”

Lord Ashcroft, Conservative peer
“It is disappointing for Conservative ministers to seem to equate philanthropy and charitable giving with tax avoidance.”
Read more on the Conservative Home website 

 Vince Cable, Business Secretary
“We don’t want to make the error of stopping genuine charitable giving – fighting poverty, supporting universities, supporting culture.”
Read more on the Mirror website 

Chris White, Conservative MP
The Conservative Party at the last election made clear its commitment to the sector. This is an opportunity for the Party to show the strength of that commitment and show that we continue to have the best interests of our charities and communities at heart.
Read more on the Conservative Home website 

Lord Fink, Conservative party treasurer
“If you have to pay out of your capital the tax on your income you give, it will put people off,”
Read more on the Guardian website

Conor Burns, Conservative MP
“Charitable giving is ever-more important and we are all seeing that in our constituencies at a time of frozen or reduced Government spending. Central to what the Prime Minister has been talking about in terms of Big Society are voluntary and charitable groups. We should be doing everything we can to encourage more and more giving.”
Read more on the Telegraph website 

Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP
“The government should be giving tax breaks in order to help civil society and promote philanthropy.”
Read more on the BBC website 

Daniel Byles, Conservative MP
“If some charities [are] not doing much ‘charitable’ activity they shouldn’t have charitable status, rather than a general cap on charitable tax relief.”
Read more on the Telegraph website 

John Whittingdale, Conservative chairman of the culture select committee
“The government has set great store by trying to increase philanthropy in support of the arts and good causes, and this clearly won’t help.”
Read more on the Guardian website 

Ming Campbell, Liberal Democrat MP
”To proceed in the way identified in the Budget statement runs the serious risk of adverse impact on the higher education sector.”
Read more on thecourier.co.uk website

Ed Milliband, leader of the Labour party
“The prime minister is trying to single out those who are trying to do the right thing for a tax rise”.

Gareth Thomas MP, shadow Cabinet Office minister
“The thought that veterans who have put their lives on the line for this country might be denied services because charities have lost funding as a result of George Osborne’s Budget just beggars belief.”

Tony Blair
“As I learned in government, sometimes it is best just to do the U-turn […] They have the time to rethink it and they should. It is best to disentangle the issue of tax avoidance from charity giving. People do not give to charity because they want to avoid tax; they give because they believe in the charitable cause.”

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